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Post-Event Comments
Billygoat XXIX

Well, as promised, we had three Peters in the crowd, so the weather turned out very nicely. I think I will get a lucky charm engraved with ‘Peter’. Everything seemed to run very smoothly, thanks to an excellent staff, particularly the incomparable Janet Tryson as Registrar and general all around detailer. Glen’s course was well received, and I thought it was excellent; lots of route choice, figuring out which control to skip, etc.

The intentional chaos that Glen and I caused at the start is documented on video, and will be available shortly. ☺

Thanks to all helpers, the Park staff, the Pinnacle staff, and anyone who chipped in to help at times.

We had two BG records set today, for the two youngest finishers ever, Isabel Bryant, aged nine, and Stephen Koehler, ten, and for the oldest ever female finisher, Lyn Walker, beating her own record. Francis Hogle was the closest near-miss, finishing with 24 seconds to go, but that’s not even close to the record. He should have stopped and stepped across the line with one second to go, to get into the history books.

Regarding the Club Championship award, I did not see too many people waiting for their pack, so that they could finish at the same time. Hmmmm…. Exceptions are:

The probable front-runner, John Fredrickson, twisted his ankle on the way to #1 and was carted off to hospital. (I don’t know why the Canadians don’t put the ‘the’ between the ‘to’ and the ‘hospital’. Hmmmm…..)

I have heard rumors that Mark Dominie let people punch ahead of him several times, which was a plus, but his outfit was a definite minus as always, so the CNYO outcome was neutral.

I think the best example of helping one’s fellow competitors was demonstrated by Paul Bennett and Paul Regan, who pre-ran the course at 0800, visiting all controls (no skip) and both of the forks. Essentially, they made sure that the course was correct for all of the other competitors. Therefore, the Club Championship award goes to HVO!

Billy(goat)-Bob Jameson, Head Goat
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