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What is a Goat race?

Goat events have

What is the Billygoat?

The Billygoat Run™ is the annual event which has inspired several similar events around the USA and even around the world. Its historic and spiritual roots in the New England Orienteering Club - Western Massachusetts. More recently the Billygoat has occasionally been hosted by other clubs in nearby regions.

Who are the founders of the Billygoat?

Fred Pilon and Peter Gagarin.

What is the DABSC?

This was the mysterious organization that for many years blessed [sanctioned] the annual Billygoat. DABSC stands for Divinely Appointed Billygoat Steering Committee. Informed sources point to as those divinely appointed on May 5, 1991.

The DABSC disbanded in late 2009.

What are style points?

Often the Billygoat entials an informal competition among clubs/teams. The event director traditionally awards points for style to supplement mundane details of who finished ahead of whom. Usually the Western Mass. orienteers display sufficient style to boost their group to the top, particularly when the director is from Western Mass.

What is a Bubba Goat?

A "Bubba" Goat is essentially a Billygoat style, mass start, long-O, orienteering event, done in a sweet southern style. This simply means you're sure to get something wet, you'll sweat a trifle more, and you'll learn to say "shoot" whenever you mess up. Bubbagoats are held annually in the southeast US and take the name from the sometimes disparaging, sometimes friendly, term Bubba, which we use here in an entirely positive sense, so don't take offense.

What is is a much neglected pet project of Scott Turner. Its goal was to use the Internet to foster Billygoat-style orienteering events, and to serve all participants from the hotshots to the stragglers. Contact Scott by email at

Scott would be interested in turning over the rights to the name to an appropriate club or orienteering federation at such time as the change would benefit the orienteering community.

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